Monday, November 3, 2014

Fall Ball

Carson and Walker both decided to play baseball this fall. Fall ball is a short season so it was a quick, but busy 6 weeks. They each had 2-3 games a week needless to say, I felt liked we've lived at the ballpark lately. During the fall the team names come from minor league baseball teams. Carson was on the Rivercats and Walker was on the Sandnats. They both had great coaches that were so encouraging and really helpful. Carson is already wanting Spring ball to start so that he can play again. Walker on the other hand is not so excited. He got hit by a ball during one of his games and was actually excited for the season to be over. I think he was scared so much by the hit and I can't imagine that he will want to play again for awhile. They both finished up their season this week. Here are a few pictures that I was able to get throughout the season.  
Warming up before his game 

The only thing close to a team picture for Carson's team 

He was so proud of his trophy! We were also freezing!!

Before the first game. 
Walker after his last game with his trophy. 

Sandnats team picture. They don't get professional pictures during the fall so this was the best we could get.

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