Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I'm Loving

 I'm linking up with Jamie today.....

I am LOVING my new watch that I got for my birthday! 

I am LOVING the fact that in TWO days I will be on cruise ship headed to the Bahamas with my friend Emily 

I am LOVING my new cards I received in the mail from, these are great to attach to Birthday gifts

I am LOVING this cute phone case!

I am ALWAYS LOVING these 3! : )

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday

This past Sunday I celebrated my birthday, I am now another year Older wiser. I spent the day with my sweet boys and my husband; it was a great day. That night Kerry and I went to Last Resort downtown and had a wonderful dinner. Birthday celebrations have always been a little different since having children....We both were exhausted after dinner and just wanted to get in the bed ( I guess we really are getting old).

I told Kerry that at 27 years old I feel like I am living the life I always dreamed about. I have a great husband, 2 of the best children in the world (I'm sure I may be a little biased), a home of our own that I love, and have had the opportunity to spend time at home being a Mom (the best job of all). These are things I use to dream of when I was a little girl and I truly feel like I am living out my dreams : ) Sure we have our bad days, but when it's all said and done I know I have truly been blessed!

Before going to dinner 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I Love Wednesday

I am Linking up with Jaime over at for What I love Wednesday. This is the first time I've done this, so here goes.... : )  

1. Loving the book "The Hunger Games"  

2.  I'm Loving so many things from Pinterest 

3. I am LOVING spending my days with this sweet boy : ) 

4. I am loving the cooler weather! Fall is one of my favorite seasons! And it's so close!

A visit to the Doctor

My sweet Carson has been getting up several times in the middle of the night recently. He has obviously been sleeping through the night for awhile now, so I knew when this went on for more than 1 night  that he most likely had an ear infection. On Wednesday morning (after a sleepless night) we got up early and headed to the pediatrician's office. Sure enough after seeing the doctor he was diagnosed with an inner ear infection. : (  I think we caught it pretty early so after a round of antibiotics he will be back to his sweet self.

 I will have to admit I am pretty awful when it comes to remembering to give medicine, However no worries Carson will never let me forget (he loves to take the "pink medicine") 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to School

This summer has gone by so fast, It's hard to believe that it's already time for school to start again. Walker started FIRST GRADE on Wednesday August 10, 2011. I can not believe that I have a first grader. He was excited about starting back, but not so happy that he had get up so early. He has gotten used to sleeping in until at least 9:00 every morning, so I know this will be a struggle for the next few weeks.
My First Grader 

All ready for 1st Grade 

World of Coke

  Monday we decided to take one last fun outing before school started for Walker, on Wednesday. We headed to Atlanta to The World of Coke. This is such a fun place to take a tour. We met Emily and Hunter Davis at the museum and all the boys had so much fun together. I was in such a hurry to get out of the house that I left my camera, sadly these are the only pictures that I was able to get. I am so thankful to have a phone that takes pretty good pictures. 

Ready to watch the 4D movie

Their favorite part, tasting the different drinks

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Napa Valley Girls Weekend

This is going to be a very long post, but there is so much I don't want to forget! I had the opportunity to go to Napa Valley, California with my best friend (also my cousin-in-law) for the weekend. To say that this trip was Amazing just seems like an understatement! Everything about this trip was so much fun! The entire trip seemed to revolve around food and of course WINE, but that's what you do in Napa...Right? : ) I don't want to forget anything about this trip so I am going to write down just about everything that we did.
We arrived in Sacramento late Thursday night and this is how we were greeted by our driver : )

We got to Napa late Thursday night and stayed at the AVIA Hotel ( ) after walking around downtown Napa I would say this is the place to stay. Everyone was so gracious and very hospitable.

 We got up early on Friday had an amazing breakfast, walked around downtown Napa and were drinking wine before noon : ) We had lunch at a fabulous restaurant that we actually went to twice during our stay. The food was amazing and the desert was the best thing that I have ever eaten, SERIOUSLY!!
The Best. Dessert. Ever. 

Friday night for dinner we ate at Cole's Chop House ( it was your typical steakhouse, but still very good! We met a good friend of Mandi's at the restaurant and being around people that are so much fun make any experience that much better! After dinner we headed to Fish Story (restaurant and bar) and had drinks and met a sweet couple that had just gotten engaged (this seemed to be the theme of our weekend).
Mandi and Kent 

Banana's Foster 

This was my appetizer : ) Life is short eat dessert first! 

Biggest Bottle of Opus One

This picture just makes me laugh : )

Having drinks at Fish Story 
Saturday morning we slept in, we had our day planned out and were going to a couple of wineries and then to dinner that evening. Well, we go downstairs of our hotel and are ready to head out to our first winery. We requested that we have a driver for the day (mainly because we were on vacation and didn't have a car and we were going to be "tasting" a lot of wine) We waited for over 30 minutes on our driver and we he finally arrives they tell us "Your driver is here, if you could just please pull your car around he will take you wherever you need to go" ummm....We don't have a car! Apparently when in Napa you must request a car and a driver or else you will only get a driver. So the sweet driver offers to drive his own car. He says "I just want to let you know it's a blazer , I hope that's okay." Sure that's alright we just want to go on our wine tastings! As he's walking away to get the car he yells back "It's and an "86" blazer and were still like that's alright. Well he pulls around and this thing is huge, loud, 2 door, and had a step to get into the back seat! We laughed and continued to crawl into the blazer.
Here we are in front of the infamous Blazer : ) 
 The concierge from the hotel runs out the door and says she has gotten us another driver (with a car this time) and was very apologetic for the confusion. This little mishap only added more fun memories to our trip! : )
Now that we had our car we headed over to Del Dotto winery ( This was a cave tour and was an amazing experience! We also met so many great people including another couple that had just gotten engaged!
In the Cave at Del Dotto Winery

The wine is poured directly from the barrel

After leaving Del Dotto we headed over to William Hill Winery (, this was a beautiful winery where we got to sit on a patio over looking the vineyards.

Dinner that night was by far some of the best food I have EVER eaten!! We sat under a tent with heat lamps and enjoyed the perfect weather in Napa. So much fun!

Suckling Pig (sounds weird, but so good) 

Yummy Banana dessert 

Having dinner at Angele's 
Sunday was our last day in Napa, but we had a full day considering our flight didn't leave until 11 P.M. that night! I enjoyed a 90 minute hot stone massage that morning followed by more wonderful drinks and food. We had lunch at Norman Rose Tavern  and had dinner that night at

Sweet couple that invited us for Champagne after getting engaged 

Plane ride home 

It's Official

I have officially signed up for my first ever half-marathon! I had originally planned to run the Rock and Roll half marathon in Savannah, but decided to do the one here in Athens. I think sleeping in my own bed and being around familiar people will work best for me! I have been running now for about a year, but still have A LOT of training to do to get through 13.1 miles. I am nervous and very excited, looking forward to October 23, 2011 : )