Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Fun

We had so much fun this Halloween. Carson wanted to be a ninja and Walker wanted to be a Vending machine..yes a vending machine. So the ninja costume was no problem to find, but of course you can't just go out and find a vending machine costume. So, Kerry and I decided to see what we could come up with. Kerry is the best when it comes to building things and having a vision for something when there is nothing to go by. We worked together hot gluing pieces of cardboard and painting each part. Kerry added lights to each shelf in the "machine" and made it look even more realistic. On Halloween night Walker's costume was a huge hit! I started to feel bad for Carson because I don't think people even realized he was there. It seemed that each and every house we went to they gave Walker extra candy because they thought he had the best costume. He had is picture taken by complete strangers a minimum of 10 different times...He was most definitely  loving all of the extra attention. After the boys got home they sorted and counted all their candy. I love that they always do this because I can remember doing the same thing with my sister and brothers when I was young. Here are some picture of our Halloween. 

Love my little Ninja 

The lights really made the costume- there was even a box built in where people would insert candy and it would fall down into the box!! 
Attempt to get a picture before Trick or Treating 

Riding in the golf cart with a blanket was definitely the best way to trick-or-treat!! 
One last picture when we got back home 

Look at all that candy!! 

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