Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Walker- 9 Years Old

On Tuesday we woke up to a 9 year old!! Walker has been excited about turning 9 for quite some time now, and it is so hard for me to believe I have a child that is 9!

Walker was up a little after 6 and said he couldn't sleep because he was so excited that is was his birthday. We celebrated that morning with Dunkin' Donuts (one of his favorite things). 

I was able to bring Walker his favorite lunch (Zaxby's) at school and we also had a cookie cake to share with his classmates. 

After school I had set up balloons inside the doorway to surprise him when he came in from the bus. The balloons didn't fall exactly as I had imagined, but he was still surprised. Walker and Carson had more fun popping all of the balloons, afterwards. 

For dinner we let Walker choose where he wanted to go and no surprise he chose Sakura (rice chicken place is what he has always called hibachi restaurants). 
Dinner at Sakura


This is a picture of Walker one week before he turned 9. I love this picture of him and still see him as a little boy, even though he growing up so fast, He will always be my baby. 

Walker at 9 years old: 
  • He is very sweet and always concerned about others.
  • He loves playing with his brother and they get along great for the most part.
  • He is VERY strong willed and will argue with me about anything!
  • He loves to read!
  • His very best friend is Mara (they have been in school together since preschool).
  • Loves Gymnastics and anytime that he can flip and jump around.  

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