Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Braves Game

We created a "Summer Bucket List" of things that we wanted to do over summer break. Going to an Atlanta Braves game was one of the things that was on our "to-do list". Saturday, Kerry had the day off-which is very rare. We decided last minute to go to the Braves game. Since It was one of the things that we were wanting to do during our break-I was so excited that Kerry was getting to come with us. The game started at 4:00 so it was extremely HOT. Every year we attend a game I always tell myself I will not go back in the afternoon because it's just too hot. Hopefully I will remember that the next time we plan to go to a game. Here are a few picture of our day at Turner Field.
Sweet Brothers (most of the time) 

Snow Cones to cool off! 

We had front row seats (in the outfield). 

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