Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Kaolin Festival

I took Carson and Walker to the Kaolin Festival this past Saturday. I thought there would have been a lot for them to do, but mainly it was just a parade. No doubt they still had so much fun. We got to see my mom (their Mimi) and my grandparents which is always exciting. Their favorite part of the parade was getting candy that people would throw from the floats, they could have cared less about the actual things going on in the parade. We walked downtown after the parade to look at some of the booths that were set up (mostly food vendors), there were a few bounce houses and the boys always like to do those. Here are just a few pictures from our fun Saturday.
It's hard to get them interested enough to get a picture
Carson helping Camryn open candy : )

He loves his cousin!
Sweet Brother's

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