Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I am linking up with  Jamie once again for WILW.......

I am loving the bible study I am doing at our church.

I am loving that Football season is back

I am (again) loving so many things from Pinterest.....

I LOVE this iPhone case

Would probably never really wear this, However I do LOVE it!

 Love the neckalace and the dress!

Love these colors together

LOVE......On my wishlist

ALWAYS Loving my husband!



  1. I LOVED that Beth Moore Study! I just finished it in the springtime. So good! I hope you get a lot of out of--it can be pretty emotional! HOpe you're having a good week! :)

  2. What a great set of things to love! I am drooling over that skirt too - though you are right, would never wear it, but totally wish I had it! Happy Wednesday, darlin - you have a beautiful family and a super cute blog!

  3. I've heard that Breaking Free one is really good. I love Beth Moore. I love that one sleeve dress -so pretty! Happy Wednesday!

  4. I keep hearing about Beth Moore, but I've never done one of her studies. I really need to pick one out and get started!

  5. Oh my gracious- LOVING all your loves! I'm happy to jump aboard your blog!! xoxo Brooke

  6. Oh man I'm LOVING those Iphone cases, and that beautiful dress!!

    Lovely blog! New follower <3

    Lots of Love,