Sunday, September 18, 2011

A New Personal Record

I'm training for a Half Marathon (13.1 miles) and have now been running for a little over year. When I first started to run my intentions were never to run further than a 5k (3.1), but here I am training to run a little over 13 miles!!! Crazy!!! The weather has been really good this last week for running (considering the terribly hot Summer that we have had) so I made plans to run with the Athens WoW group on Saturday. It really seems to motivate me if I'm running with other people, when I run in my neighborhood I usually get tired and just run home after a few miles. So this Saturday I got up really early and went to meet the other runners to run through downtown Athens. I successfully ran 9.10 (not very fast) and I'm still alive : ) I never thought I would be a "runner" and now I'm able to run 9 miles with only a few minutes of walking! In a few weeks I will be running the half-marathon in Athens and I can't wait!


  1. That is very inspiring! seriously I cant even run 2 miles.

  2. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on 9.1!! That is amazing! As someone who HATES running, but started running in January to doa 10K, I can say that I am so proud of you! You are rockin' it! I ran my 10K in April and have now fallen off the wagon because our summer here (Texas) was just beyond brutal. The weather turned a tiny bit (90's instead of 100's) on Monday and I have run the last 2 nights. I have been mad at myself because I've fallen so far back in my stamina and training, but it feels so good to be getting back into things. This post motivated me!! You go girl. :)

  3. congrats! i have recently had the CRAZY thoughts of picking up running.

    that is awesome that you met your goal!

    i found your blog via 'the rest is still unwritten' and it is super cute!!