Friday, February 6, 2015


It has been awhile since I have linked up for a 5 on Friday and today I actually had the time to blog so I thought why not. I haven't had the time to blog at all so my Five on Friday are pretty random.

 Walker and I set a goal to run a 5k every month in 2015! We ran our first 5k together last weekend and we had so much fun. I love that it's something that we can do together that is active, but also have  quality one on one time. We hadn't trained much at all so we definitely didn't run a fast 5k, but Walker finished 4th in his age group and he was pretty excited about that.
Chilly Dawg 5K January 24, 2015

I just finished my 2nd round of Whole30! It was so much easier this time around. I have discovered so many recipes and learned so much about food and nutrition throughout the last 30 days! 

 Since turning 30 my body is definitely taking on changes that I didn't expect! I have always heard people say that as you get older its harder to stay fit and I have seen that first hand! I feel like I have to set goals for myself and really push myself to see results now. I think before the past year it came easy to me and I really took it for granted!

 Speaking of setting goals....I plan to start Jamie Eason's Live Fit 12 week workout plan next week. I hope that I will be able to blog about my progress during the next 12 weeks. 

 I have to confess that I am very excited about seeing Fifty Shades of Grey!!! I am planning to go next weekend with some friends. I read through all the books in a matter of days and am so curious how they are going to make a movie thats even remotely close to the books!! 


  1. Good for you and your son with the 5k challenge! That's so awesome!!! I need to schedule some upcoming races to help keep me motivated to keep running! :) And I hear ya about the body changes! YIKES!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Great Goal doing 1 5k a month wow!! Way to go :) Happy Friday just found your blog love it!
    Chelsea @