Friday, December 19, 2014

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Last week we had the opportunity to go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a few days. Kerry received the trip through work and it was most likely the best vacation we have ever been on. The trip was an all-inclusive and we didn't have to spend a dime on anything if we didn't want to!

Everyone was so nice friendly every where we went! As soon as we arrived in Puerto Vallarta we were greeted at the airport with drinks and a chartered bus ready to take us to the resort. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel and it was so nice. As soon as we walked in there were people greeting us with food and cocktails. The entire trip felt like a non-stop party, but so much fun. There were activities every night that you could do or you had the choice to go and do things on your on if you wanted. Even though this trip was technically for work it was meant to be enjoyed and there were no events that you were required to go to. Here are a few pictures from our trip...and the pictures don't begin to describe how nice it was and how much fun we had.

Greeted with food and drinks 

Unlimited Margaritas (my favorite) 

Welome Party by the pool 


Room with a jacuzzi 
Bingo by the pool 
Tequila tasting
Surfing lessons 
Day at the spa (massages and pedicures) with this amazing view! And this was all included!!  
Of course Kerry found a casino!! 
They always left chocolate on our pillows at night 
Farewell Party 
Having too much fun 
Farewell party 
More tequila (and he doesn't even drink) 
I had at least 2 plates of chips and guacamole everyday while we were there!!  
Beautiful Beach


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  1. Wow!! That's awesome you were given that opportunity thru his work!! Looks like soo much fun!