Thursday, October 27, 2011


I completed my first half-marathon and I survived! I could have never imagined just how much fun I would have running 13. 1 miles. I set a goal for myself of 2 hours 35 minutes (which to me was going to be a challenge, because I'm not a fast runner) and I made it!! My official finishing time was 2 hours 32 minutes!! I probably walked the last 1/4 mile because the hill was brutal!! (I'm so glad it was towards the end).Throughout the run there were people lined up on the street cheering for everyone and that was so motivating and really kept me going until the end! 
 On Saturday at the Health Expo I met a lady that has been a runner for quite some time and gave me her advice for running "Eat a bite size snicker every 20 minutes as you are running" sounded pretty CrAzY to me, but I did it and I think it worked great! : ) I am so glad that I was talked into running a half-marathon! This will most definitely NOT be my last!

Some of  us that trained together for the half
A picture of the people that were ahead of me to start the run
Around mile 8!


  1. i'm running a marathon relay on sunday and your post just made me so excited!! i am so excited for you - i know what intense journey 13.1 is!!! congrats - this is amazing!


  2. Congrats! That's awesome! You rock!