Thursday, June 30, 2011

Welcome to the Good Life

For the last TWO WEEKS we have been enjoying life on the beach! I have never been on a two week vacation and let me just say I could definitely get used to this! The past two weeks have flown by and I'm not ready to leave!! St. Simons is one of my favorite vacation spots and I hope that my children grow to love it as much as I have over the years!
Kerry was only able to come down for the last week, but we still had so much fun! The first week my mom and nephew came for a few days so it was nice to have adult conversation : )
While in St. Simons we got to do all kinds of fun things:
-We went to the water park at Neptune Park in SSI
- Went to Summer Waves in Jekyll
- Went to dinner almost every night we were there (gained a few pounds too : )
   Some of our favorites:
  • Crabdaddy's 
  • Crab Trap 
  • Hot Dog Alley
  • Brogen's 
  • Zuzu's for Ice cream         

- Beach everyday....only rained 3 times and that was always for a short time
- Kerry and I took the boys to see Cars 2
- Played Putt-putt a few times (mini-golf as Carson calls it)
- rented bikes
Here are a few of the pictures that I did take of our vacation.....

Kerry walked with C&W to the sand bar and they both found a starfish

Mini- Golf 

Banana Bikes 


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