Saturday, April 16, 2011

ABCs of Me

I've seen this a couple of times on other blogs I read and thought this would be fun :-)

(A) Age: 26

(B) Bed Size: Queen

(C) Chore You Hate: Laundry.....It seems to never end!

(D) Dogs?: None

(E) Essential Start Your Day Item: Coffee! I never was a coffee drinker until I had Carson, now I am seriously addicted!

(F) Favorite Color: Green

(G) Gold or Silver? I wear both!

(H) Height: 5'7"

(I) Instruments You Play: Ha! Nothing :( Wish I knew how to play the piano

(J) Job Title: Stay at home Mom and Wife Best. Job. Ever

(K) Kids: Walker Keith Bell and Carson Lane Bell

(L) Live: Bogart, Ga

(M) Mom's Name: Kim

(N) Nicknames: I don't really have any nick names, when I was younger family would call me "May May"

(O) Overnight Hospital Stays? When I had my tonsils removed and When I had my babies

(P) Pet Peeve: When someone answers the phone and says "Can I call you back" Why even answer the phone?!?!

(Q) Quote from a Movie: "I would rather have three minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special."

(R) Right or Left Handed? Right

(S) Siblings: There are 7 of us....Sisters; Ivey, Maggie and Mary Frances Brothers; Bivins, Harley, Matthew

(T) Time You Wake Up? Usually about 6:30 and maybe 8:00 on the weekends

(U) Underwear: Yep, I wear them! :)

(V) Vegetable You Dislike: Beets

(W) What Makes You Run Late: My children!

(X) X-Rays You've Had Done: I've had a few....but luckily I've never had anything broken

(Y) Yummy Food You Make: I'm not the best cook : ) But anything sweet I usually love!

(Z) Zoo, Favorite Animal: Monkeys : )

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